(10 month project; Team of 1)
Very few online platforms serve adult basic education programs, and even fewer provide a walk-up-usable experience for teachers and students. I did user research on adult learners and designed a platform that leverages free and/or openly licensed educational resources for adult basic education.
Interviews with adult basic education teachers and adult education technology experts
Design walkthroughs with adult immigrants (with a medium-fidelity prototype)
Usability studies with a citizenship preparation teacher (with a high-fidelity prototype)
Some Lessons Learned:
Technology: In the classroom students use projectors and desktops. At home, most use mobile devices. Technology that serves these students has to be accessible on both devices and should be usable with limited connectivity.
Teachers: Teachers want tools like games, stories, and timelines that fold in several difficult concepts and that make learning across subjects efficient.  
Students: Students want to see clear links between what they are learning and how it will be used - they don't have time for extraneous information. They also need language supports to navigate through the application (at a minimum) and supports to understand the content.

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